»I'm mostly interested in one thing: Your personal integral development. Therefore, it is important for me, to provide you with a comprehensive and respectful process of Self-Awareness and Growth, which can be experienced in and by the cosmos of Transpersonal Hypnotherapy and mindfullness De-Hypnosis. My main concern is to assist our customers and clients, on their holistic Heroes-Journey of Consciousness side by side in an creative and intuitive form of "Open Space".«

Joerg Fuhrmann

Joerg Fuhrmann (Humanistic & Transpersonal Psychology )


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My name is Joerg Fuhrmann. An early Near-Death-Experience led me into the field of High-Sensitivity and the Transpersonal. I have spent many years searching and the spiritual path to integrate and use the associated potential within. This succeeded since 1994 with my creative educational projects (Art/ Theater ) and later as a Therapist. As a transpersonal Therapist, Coach and Trainer I accompany people through transitions, existential questions of meaning, (spiritual) crises, general blockades and to personal/ professional self-actualization. After many years of worldwide apprenticeships, supervision and training with the leading therapists and co-founders of the Transpersonal Psychology I founded my own institute. My professional practice continuously grew from 2005 on into the freiraum-Institute (FRI) with increasingly more international field of action growing. A further development, towards a multi-year, European certified training in "Transpersonal Hypnotherapy & Trance therapy" is currently in the process of becoming. I am also wortking since 2013 on my PhD-thesis of "Peak Experiences"/ "Nadir-States" in the field of transpersonal psychology and planning a Video-Documentary on the subject. In my daily practice of mindfulness-based DeHypnose, humanistic appreciation form the fundamental basis. In my integrative, process-oriented way I always try to look at people with their various facets, proportions and character structures positivly and focused on their Factors of inner Awareness and Strength.

On Benediktushof-Holzkirchen (near Würzburg), the largest European center for Zen, Contemplation and Mysticism, I am successfully offering since 2012, my DeHypnosis- and Hypnotherapy-Training certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists™ (NGH). In Switzerland, interested people can come to Stein am Rhein ("Mansion Lieb") - near Singen and Radolfzell at Lake Constance - for both Coaching-Holidays and 1: 1 VIP intensive Training with me. These can be customized to your needs (time, content, cost, etc.). Therefore, I join the Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology with ultramodern Quantum-Bioresonance-Treatment, Bemer-Frequencytherapy and patented Biophotonic-Meridiantapes.

Until then I wish you all the Best and a lot of readiness on your personal journey to wholeness and coherence in family, work and in life in general.

You can reach me personally by phone: 0041- (0) 52/5335285 (CH).

Sincerely, Joerg Fuhrmann

Study, Training and Qualification


Eurotas Certified Transpersonal Therapist (ECTP)

Dipl. Soz.Paed. (FH)/ Theaterpaed. (FH)/ Gestalttherapist (EAGT/ECP)

Board Certified Instructor Hypnotherapy (NGH) / Hypnosetherapist (NGH)

PhD-Candidate (Transpersonal Psychology)

Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy & NLP-Coaching
Certified Instructor/ Hypnotrainer (NGH) (u.a. Dr. Richard Harte)
NLP-Mastertraining (DVNLP/IN) (u.a. Stephan Landsiedel)
Hypnosis-Coaching (MEI) (u.a. Dr. Stephen G. Gilligan)
Cybernetic Communication (Carsten Beyreuther)
Emotional Freedom Techniques® (EFT) (Gary Craig)
Advanced Energy Psychology® (EP) (Dr. Fred P. Gallo)
PROFILcoaching® Level 1-2 (Institut Kontakte)

Humanistic Psychology, Systemic Therapy & Traumatherapy
Gestalttherapy/ Bodypsychotherapy & Supervision (ECP/EAGT/ WCP) (u.a. Ludger Firneburg)
Psychodynamic-Imaginative Traumatherapy® (PITT) (Prof. Luise Reddemann)
Systemic-Strategic-Brieftherapy (CTS) (Dr. Giorgio Nardone)
Hypno-Systemic Sexual-/Couple-Therapy (MEI) (Dr. Gunther Schmidt)
Systemic Therapy with the internal Family (IFS) (Dr. Tom Holmes)
Family- & Systemic Constellations for Psychotherapists (IADR) (Birgit Theresa Koch)
Strong Parents - Strong Kids®-Trainer (German Child-Protection-Association)
Spiritual Emergence Network (SEN) (Prof. Stanislav Grof/ Dr. Joachim Galuska)
Spiritual Crisis Treatment (SCN) (Dr. Emma Bragdon)

Transpersonal Psychology, Shamanic Healing & Meditation
Contemplation (Cloud of not Knowing) (Student of Willigis Jaeger)
Seekers After Truth® Level 1-4 (SAT) (Dr. Claudio Naranjo)
Holotropic Breathwork™ (GTT) (Prof. Stanislav Grof)
 Transpersonal Breathing (Dr. Ingo B. Jahrsetz) 
Shamanism (trad. Shamans in Nepal/ Southamerica)
Ritual Processwork & Heroes Journey (IGE) (Paul Rebillot)
Mythology & Temple-Sleep-Technique (Dr. Christian Rätsch)
The Resonance Academy & Quantum Gravity (Nassim Haramein)

Professional Background, Teaching & Research

• Practical Experience out of more than 10.000 Coachings
• Knowledge by Experience from 20+ Years of Training
• 3 Years CEO VHS-Bad Sassendorf
• 15 Years of Training in Humanistic & Transpersonal Psychology)
• Since 10 Years in the Contemplation-Line of Zen-/Contemplation-Master Willigis Jaeger
• Lecturer at Benediktushof-Holzkirchen (Centre for Spiritual Training)
• 2008-2013 Lecturer u.a. for Hypnosis (University of Applied Sciences-Dortmund)
• 2008-2009 Lecturer & Coach  for Students (HUniversity of Applied Sciences-Soest)
• Traditional Natema-Initiation-Ritual from Shuar-Shamans in the Jungle of Ecuador
• Journeys (u.a.): Assisi/ Chartres/ Camino de Santiago/ Nepal/ Southamerica/ UK/ USA
• Co-Author "Europa heißt die Weitblickende - Postpatriarchale Perspektiven für die Kulturanthropologie"
• Researcher-Profiles "ResearchGate" & "academia.eduPart of "Eurotas Division of Transpersonal Research (EDTR)"

Speaker & Presenter (International Conferences)

• First EUROTAS Study & Research-Colloquium Italy 2015
• Transpersonal European-Congress (EUROTAS) Romania 2016
• NLP-World-Congress (IN) Egypt 2017

Online Article & Interviews

• deventhos®-Interview mit Jörg Fuhrmann zum Thema "Integrales Hypnose-Coaching"
• United-Networker-Interview mit Jörg Fuhrmann zum Thema "Erfolg, DeHypnose & Hypnose"
• My-Monk-Interview mit Jörg Fuhrmann zum Thema "Hypnose, Schamanismus & der Gute Kampf"
• Tattva-Viveka-Artikel von Jörg Fuhrmann "Emotionaler Therapeutischer Missbrauch"
• Tattva-Viveka-Artikel von Jörg Fuhrmann "Kalinchok - Weg zum Gipfel der Götter"

Umbrella-Organizations & Certifications

• European Transpersonal Association (EUROTAS)
• European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP)
• European Association for Gestalt Therapy (EAGT)
• National Guild of Hypnotists™, Inc. (NGH)
• Association of free Psychotherapists (VFP)
• International Association of NLP-Institutes (IN)
• Swiss Organization for Hypnotherapists (sfh)
• Swiss Organization for Personality-Trainers (VPT)
• World Council for Psychotherapy (WCP)

Joerg Fuhrmann in a Dialogue with Dr. Claudio Naranjo (Klick on the Picture to Play Video)




Joerg Fuhrmann in a Dialogue with Prof. Stanley Krippner (Klick on the Picture to Play Video)

Joerg Fuhrmann in a Dialogue with Prof. Jure Biechonsky (Klick on the Picture to Play Video)



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